Young volunteers at the Felin Uchaf Centre on the Llyn Peninsula in  North Wales
Hauling stone on rollers  at the Felin Uchaf centre near Pwllheli, North Wales
International volunteers building a Celtic roundhouse at the Felin uchaf centre in North Wales
Volunteers building with cob at the Felin Uchaf Centre in Gwynedd , North Wales


News & Diary of Events...please scroll down for our current Roundhouse Events diary


                                        Bulletin Board: Winter 2017/18












Roundhouse Storytelling with Hugh Lupton

...one of the most beautiful, enchanting and soul stirring evenings you are ever likely to encounter. In the company of a master storyteller....
Friday 24th November at 7pm 
£5 at the door, refreshments available during the break


Since the earliest times there has been a strong, almost a magical connection between people and horses.
We can see it in paleolithic cave-paintings of wild horses, we can see it in the reverence paid to the horse in Celtic culture, just as we can see it in old black and white footage of farm labourers working their ploughs with teams of shires. It's a relationship that has continued through history, and it's only over the last seventy years that the connection has been severed for most of us by the supplanting of the horse by the internal combustion engine.

But we feel it instinctively still; when we are in the presence of horses an old memory is wakened in us.

This programme of words and music explores and celebrates the ancient relationship between man and horse. It also explores what we have lost by being out of touch with ‘horse presence’.

Using story, poetry and song and it evokes the companionship and the mystery, the sense of otherness that horses conjure in us.

At the heart of the programme is the narrative poem ‘The Horses’, a story that begins in Eastern England a hundred years ago. It follows the life of Jenny Wing, a horseman’s daughter. The slow disappearance of the horses from the landscape mirrors the aspirations and disappointments of her lifetime, a lifetime that almost spans the twentieth century.
The programme also includes poetry, and humorous, moving stories from the British, Russian and Navajo traditions.

Hugh Lupton’s interest in traditional music, in street theatre, in live poetry, and in myth, resulted in him becoming a professional storyteller in 1981. 
For twelve years he toured Britain with the ‘Company of Storytellers’. Their work was instrumental in stimulating a nation-wide revival of interest in storytelling.





A Brilliant Harp and Violin Duo bring a Magical Music Night to the Roundhouse @ 7pm on Saturday 21st October, £5 at the door, refreshments available during the break

Noson yng nghwmni dwy gerddores anhygoel o dalentog ...Celestine -telynores o Lydaw a Jitka ar y ffidil o Wlad Tsiec
Nos Sadwrn yr 21ain Hydref am 7.yh , £5 ar y drws, lluniaeth ar gael yn ystod yr egwyl

Delioù (means ..leaves, in Breton) is the meeting of Czech fiddler Jitka Malczyk and Breton harper Célestine Doedens.

In their compositions, they draw from their journeys, and they tap into the traditional folklore and musical roots of Brittany, Bohemia, Hungary, the Balkans, Turkey and Scandinavia.

Their music is emotive, full of dynamism, as well as playing with the silence. It lets you dream, enchants you to dance wildly, and tells a story at the same time.

for more information her is their website: http://deliou.cz/en/

And you can check out these amazing videos.....

and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Vluxrqdt_g


























                                              PAST EVENTS.......







Things kicked off at Easter with an evening of Mobile Dreams from the 3Troubadours at 7.30pm on the 15th April...


Mobile Dreams is a poetic, funny and warm storytelling performance about the everlasting human search for truth and connection, freedom and beauty. In a playful stream of English spiced with their native tongues (Norwegian, Finnish and Dutch) the three performers behind “Mobile Dreams” tell a string of tales both mythical and personal all connected by the language of dreams. In a Europe with sharper borders and increasing protectionism 3Troubadours invites people into the world of our shared imagination, focusing on the strength of vulnerability, wonder and sharing.


                                               Mobile Dreams , storytelling from the 3Troubadours at Felin Uchaf Roundhouse 14/04/17


during the 2016 season we enjoyed........









Tall Tales and Tail Lights

A Bikers Journey through the Legendary Landscape of Wales

23-25 September 2016


‘Bikers’ and ‘the legendary tales of Wales’ aren’t normally found sharing a sentence, let alone a journey, but this September, they’ll be doing just that, as a small group of ‘Story Bikers’ head off on an intrepid mythic odyssey along the highways and byways of the Nation. At each stopping point, they’ll unearth stories from the landscape by meeting up with one of Wales’ storytellers. Over one weekend, between 23rd and 25th September, they’ll cover 500 miles and uncover tales and myths originating from over 2000 years of Wales’ story, from the Iron Age to the present day. The good news is that we’re all invited to listen in too.


https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/13346969_10153610317156304_311680374957585907_n.jpg?oh=c2134ce051faa40aa94dbfe0c94558b8&oe=5882A552Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival is Wales’ storytelling organisation. Geoff Barber, who inspired this journey is an avid biker and the Treasurer of the organisation. Talking about the event, he said: “When I joined Beyond the Border, I knew very little about the stories of Wales, but they’ve got under my skin these past few years. One of the misconceptions is that storytelling is for children. What I, and others who come to Beyond the Border Festival discover is that it’s most definitely for adults as well.  With the Year of Legends on our doorstep, we thought this was a great way of introducing more people to the amazing tales hidden beneath every stone and boulder across the Nation and the contemporary art of storytelling.”


Geoff will be accompanied by lifelong friends and fellow bikers Carl Hinder and David Jenkins as well storyteller Francis Maxey on the journey. These ‘Story Bikers’ are inviting everyone and anyone to join them at stop off points along the way to learn about the rich tapestry of myths and legends woven through the landscape of Wales, and come along to three free evening storytelling performances along the route, at:


  • The Hand Hotel in Llangollen on Friday 23 September at 7.30pm hosted by storyteller Fiona Collins,
  • Felin Uchaf Roundhouse, Rhoshirwaun near Pwllheli on Saturday the 24th  September, hosted by storyteller Dafydd Hughes at 6.30pm
  • Cardiff’s Future Inn on Sunday 25th September hosted by Geoff and storyteller Francis Maxey at 6.30pm


The stories told along the route will be recorded by Audio Trip, an award winning company who have been inspired by Geoff’s incredible journey. Audio Trip are offering their services free of charge to convert the tour into an audio trail that anyone can follow by downloading the Audio Trip app. The audio tour will create a lasting legacy so that anyone can undertake the tour and listen to the stories of Wales as they travel through the majestic mountains or sit beside our mystical lakes.


The Story Biker’s adventure begins at M&P Bike store  in Swansea on 23rd September at 10.00am, from which they’ll have their official send off at the beginning their three day tour.


During their journey, the Bikers will be collecting donations to support and enable more storytelling to happen across the length and breadth of Wales through Beyond the Border’s work. Details of the route, stops and storytelling evenings can be found on the Beyond the Border website  www.beyondtheborder.com/2016/09/join-us-epic-adventure-round-wales or the dedicated fundraising page that has been set up www.gofundme.com/StoryBikersTour


You can follow the adventure on Twitter by searching and using #StoryBikers  ,or check out the Facebook events page https://www.facebook.com/events/1326513037367153


Journey in short:


Day 1 Swansea to Llangollen (via Builth Wells)

Day 2 – Llangollen to Felin Uchaf near near Aberdaron (via Llanberis and Beddgelert)

Day 3 – Pwllheli to Cardiff (via Devils Bridge and Libanus)






                 Fireside storytelling and music evenings with storytellers from all over Europe




 There are regular storytellings wice every week during the summer months and at least once a month over Autumn and Winter - see    also our Felin Uchaf Facebook page for updates of all the events hosted here


            Dafydd Davies Hughes soryteller








          RECENT EVENTS:


                                 the team at Felin Uchaf's new CLAS centre, part of the Llyn Eco-Museum


Volunteers from Bagor University have been helping us plaster and limewash the straw bale walls of the new CLAS study and visitor centre





Ailsa and Rob have made beautiful oak elm and ash first-chairs in the workshop following the furniture making course



Thatching the long Reed...


There's little to match the beauty and satisfaction of using locally sourced natural materials....


7.00am cutting reeds at low tide at nearby Pwllheli harbour & then .. @ 1.00pm the same day ..we thatched the roundhouse roof


Amy Binns with a scythe mower cutting water reeds at low tide for the roundhouse roof  volunteers carry reed bundles out with the incoming tide at Pwllheli harbour



  Amy Rosie and Jack cutting water reeds for thatching  Jack Drinkwater and Amy Binns thatching the roundhouse roof with water reeds 


we've enjoyed some fantastic winter fireside storytelling and music events in the Roundhouse...



     we had a magical night with Christine Cooper and Ceri Rhys Mathews ....storytelling and music at the Roundhouse                                             


    Battle of the Trees Storytelling at Felin Uchaf Roundhouse


                             ....and with Pauline Down and Michael Harvey performing Adlais.....


Storytelling with Michael Harvey and Pauline Down in the Felin Uchaf Roundhouse





             volunteers enjoyng a woodfired  breakfast on the nearby Iron Age hilfort


above... sunrise on Garn Fadryn and woodfired porridge for breakfast with a buffeting gale, hailstorm and lightening flashing overhead ...what a contrast to the samne spot six months ago ...below

       midsummer sunrise over LLyn from Garn Fadryn Celtic Hillfort eco museum, eco amgueddfa       volunteers cooking poridge over a woodfire at Garn Fadryn hillfort Llyn Peninsula




           Alice Midmore wins the Wales' Volunteer of the Year Award




Congratulations to Alice who has been regularly volunteering here since 2011.

She has lent her expert skills toward helping with the new boatbuilding workshop and teaching other volunteers traditional timber framing skills. She's a brilliant volunteer and great company and we're very lucky to have her on board.

Well done and very well deserved !


            volunteer construction team pics ...........we raised our new visitor centre oak frames by hand

                                                     with block and tackle


 finishing the reed thatched ridge on the new Oak framed Boatbuilding workshop at Felin Uchaf made entirely by youngb trainees and volunteers from around the world


        New Visitor Centre at Felin Uchaf, part of the Llyn Eco-Museum, Eco-Amgueddfa LLyn


                         Felin Uchaf Visitor Centre constructed entirely by young volunteers and trainees  & apprentices


                           raised by hand with block and tackle



                    lime plastering over straw bale on the new Visitor Centre at Felin Uchaf    Felin Uchaf's new oak framed Centre for Living Arts and Science , Llyn Eco Museum


      volunteers and trainees raising the green oak frames for the new visitor centre by hand





   raising an oak framed building with Volunteers               trainee Rachel Head pairing down a tenon on the new boatbuilding workshop at Felin Uchaf Llyn Peninsula Wales   


    Bangor and Aberystwyth University Student Volunteers help traise the green oak frames



                                        and over the past few months....


   Felin Uchaf's new Traditional Boatbuilding workshop - part of the Llyn Eco Museum volunteers raising the frame at the Felin Uchaf Eco Museum site


Volunteers raised the second phase of the cruck oak workshop by hand with block and tackle. All the framing and raising has been carried out entirely by trainees and volunteers.

  • Green & Heritage Tourism Initiative

weve opened a new office at Canolfan Fenter Congol Meinciau Enterprise Centre  in nearby Botwnnog ,developing a Green and Heritage Tourism Initiative to:


    • deliver a programme of training courses including accredited courses for both young people and established existing businesses. This will include working in close partnership with a local business skills training and support agency to provide a holistic programme of both practical and desk-based training courses to encourage and support the generation of new sutainable tourism enterprises in the region.


    • develop training placement opportunities for course participants with other local heritage & environmental centres


    • establish a permanent Tourism Enterprise Training Facility at the Felin Uchaf Visitor Centre


    the initiative is being funded by the BIG Fund’s Coastal Communities Fund


    for more information on how our Green & Heritage Tourism Venture may be able to help your existing business or new business initiative - please go to our new Byw ar y Fiw website:  http://bywaryfiweng.wordpress.com/home/

  • The Felin Uchaf Appeal 


support Community Ownership

  • In order for the charity to permanently secure the land and buildings at Felin Uchaf for the benefit of everyone - for ever- we need to raise £270,000 to pay off the remaining purchase bank loan/ mortgage and therefore buy the property outright. We aim to raise the full amount through donations and pledges from forward thinking private supporters sponsors, businesses and trusts. Every one of your donations helps achieve another step closer toward the target. Your pledges will be called only when the full ammount is raised .To support the appeal or find out more please click here



Were building of a new state of the art Visitor & Community Centre. The purpose designed eco-building will include a shop and catering facility as well as meeting room and office.  This means that we'll be looking for experienced eco-builders and craftspeople to help with the construction through to March 2014.    eco museum site at the Felin Uchaf , near Aberdaron, Llyn Peninsula, North Wales  eco museum site at Felin Uchaf, Llyn Peninsula, North Wales

consructional sketches of the green oak framed, stone walled & straw bale walled New Visitor Centre Building currently under construction by trainees and volunteers at Felin Uchaf between 2012 to 2014



                       eco museum site at Felin Uchaf eco amgueddfa      

  • Office Opportunities: We are in need of help from people with good fundraising skills.  If you think you can help and would like to contribute towards a very worthwhile project then please do contact us




                                      EVENTS DIARY 2015 





        cande lit storytelling in the roundhouse, Felin Uchaf Centre eco museum site



           Summer evenings regularly see a packed house audience of over 90 people for roundhouse events...



        Music and storytelling night in the Felin Uchaf Roundhouse, Llyn Peninsula, North Wales


          looking in from the midwinter winter window in the thatched roof at a cosy candlelit winter storytelling night.....


Date Activity or event What to bring


....with music from the Rheingans Sisters on Friday 31st July






                     Previous Year's Events 2014......




Sunday 30th Novemeber 2014


  4.00 -5.30pm


Advent Sprial Celebration


Candlelit Carols

 & Christmas Storytelling


all ages welcome

 warm clothes
Throughout August 2014


 A Feast of Storytelling from local folk tales and the Welsh Mabinogi to ancient epics from the distant silk road....




this week's event....Celtic Hero Tales - The Quest for Olwen





19-22nd July






19-22nd July 2014


2014 Annual Festival of Hillforts Archaeology




June 28th

Saturday 7.30-9.30pm




June 25th Wednesday


Stories from Archaeology - at the Felin Uchaf Roundhouse an Eco-museum site




June 11th Wednesday

7.30 - 9 pm





June 5th

Archaeology Festival Event

Thursday 7.00-9.00pm

Ecomuseum Archaeology Festival event at Felin Uchaf Roundhouse  
May 28th  


Monday 26th



eco museum storytelling event, eco amgueddfa Pen Llyn  











         Gŵyl Celf Llŷn 24/5 - 1/6 2014 Llŷn Arts Festival






  As part of thr Llyn Arts Festival we'll be hosting an exciting programme of Storytellings and Music Events in the Roundhouse throught the week



Saturday 3rd


Roundhouse Storytelling at the Felin Uchaf Centre, North Wales








Stories of the lost land of Cantre'r Gwaelod in Cardigan Bay






celtic storytelling at Felin Uchaf Centre North Wales





November 2013


Saturday 30th


@ 7.00pm

Storyteling and Music Evening...


The Battle of the Trees / Cad Goddeu


A storm rages; a child is born; an ancient secret uncovered. Somewhere, an army of trees begin to march…

Christine Cooper tells a twisted web of tangled stories, with the mysterious Welsh poem that inspired Tolkein and Shakespeare at its centre. The loss of millions of trees in the 1987 storm, an archaeological dig on a remote beach, the poet Robert Graves in a frenzy of inspiration, and Christine’s own family story are drawn together through moments of startling coincidence. The crime of the warrior chief Amaethon echoes down the centuries, and a voice speaks the words: I am Taliesin.

Featuring special guest Ceri Rhys Matthews on flutes, clarinets, pipes and other sounds.

Video trailer: http://youtu.be/snb0u1O-duI

“at the heart of this stands a charismatic and highly skilled teller of tales - musician to boot - and a lattice of stories that are woven together into something quite special” **** Paul Levy, Fringe Review



Rhua storm; ganed plentyn; datgelid hen gyfrinach. Yn rhywle, aiff fyddin o goed i'r gad...

Fel cyfarwydd gyfoes, saif Christine Cooper i ddatgan wrth ymyl drysfa o straeon, ac yn ei craidd, yr hen gerdd cyfrin a ysbrydolodd Tolkien a Shakespeare. Coll miliynau o goed yn storm fawr 1987, gwaith archaeolegol ar draeth anghysbell, y bardd Robert Graves yn gynddeiriog ag ysbrydoliaeth, a mabinogi teulu Christine ei hun. Y cwbl wedi'u crynhoi mewn cyd-ddigwyddiadau rhyfedd. Caiff trosedd mawr Amaethon ei adleisio i lawr y canrifoedd, a clywn llais yn datgan: Taliesin wyf.


Gyda Ceri Rhys Matthews yn canu Ffliwt, Clarinet, y Pibau Cymreig, a synau eraill.






Entry £5.00

November 22nd  2013

Friday Evening



                                                       A family show of songs and stories

Echo / Adlais


By Michael Harvey and Pauline Down

A heartwarming and magical evening in the company of two of Wales's most accomplished and entertaining performers

Two voices weaving stories and songs from Wales and far away, in English and Welsh.  You’ll get to hear about strange animals, monsters, heroes and fools.  Your voices will be part of the magic too!


Entry £5.00


a fireside music and storytelling evening bring warm clothes -


hot refreshments served !

1st November    2013


Friday Evening




bring warm clothes


warm refreshments available

Autumn & Winter

 An exciting Programme of Cultural Talks and Activities - Cynefin & Chymuned Llyn - Exploring our relationship to our peninsula's Natural and Cultutral Landscape. Full translation facilities available at all the events.


please click here for a copy of the programme


free events

supported by Big Lottery's Coastal Communities Fund

September 25th 2013

Thursday evening



at Felin Uchaf Roundhouse


Castell Odo & Mellionydd


A talk about the ancient monuments of the LLyn by archaeologist Rhys Mwyn.

The talk will be primarily in Welsh and held at the Felin Uchaf Roundhouse. All welcome - full translation facilities available so please feel very welcome to attend whatever current your level of Welsh.


for further details of this and other talks this winter please contact Wil and Nia at wil@felinuchaf.org or on 01758 770011

or Dafydd and Jacquie on 01758 780280 - or via felinuchaf@hotmail.co.uk


free event

supported by Big Lottery's Coastal Communities Fund




Monday morning


10.00am -12.00 at Cwrt Farm nr. Aberdaron


Llyn ar Mor - Llyn and the Sea


A presentation by Colin Evans of Mordaith LLyn, the Bardsey Island Boatman, exploring our relationship with the sea around the peninsula since Mesolithic times. The talk will be followed by a boat trip around the bays and islands - priority for those people booking for the entire course of events - but there may be other spaces available on board so please do enquire - Wil on 01758 770011.


The talk will be primarily delivered in Welsh but with full translation facilities available so please feel very welcome whatever your current level of Welsh


The event stars at 10am at National Trust's Cwrt Farm's meeting room near Aberdaron ( take the Uwchmynydd road westward from Aberdaron the turn first Left and left again following the signs to Cwrt Farm - park in the farmyard



free event

supported through Big Lottery's Coastal Communities Fund



11th Wednesday


1.00 - 3.30pm

                              Retelling of The Odyssey


An afternoon event arranged for the English Department students of Coleg Meirion Dwyfor as an introduction to the oral storytelling tradition.


                                           Public also welcome




Monday 26th


Wednesday 28th











14th & 17th

if you have them: cushons or a blanket to sit on the oak benches


Tuesday (th and Wednesday 10th



free entry slide talks,

refreshments available



Sunday 30th



Saturday 22nd

Epic storytelling at the Felin Uchaf Roundhouse  


Friday 21st



Saturday 15th


Felin Uchaf Haymeadow Day


The second annual Traditional Haymeadow day will be held at Felin Uchaf, Rhoshirwaun on the 15th of June 2013  from 10.30-4.30pm


There will be an opportunity all to see and take part in:


  • Scything demonstrations
  • Traditional equipment exhibition
  • Haymeadow plant and wildlife walks and talks

As well as:

  • Advice and information on meadow management, machinery and grazing.
A chance to see the Felin Uchaf haymeadow restoration project




Thursday 30th

Roundhouse Storytelling

Cantre'r Gwaelod - The Lost Kingdom Beneath the Waves


land of the lower hundreds Welsh Mythology storytelling with Dafydd Davies-Hughes

warm clothes


light refreshments available


Every Wednesday

9.30 - 4.30 pm

Local volunteer days

A wide range of activities from conservation work, organic gardening to stone walling, traditional building and woodworking.

Suitable for all ages and abilities,a great way to learn new skills, keep healthy and fit and share good company.

The 2017 projects will focus on :

    • laying a stone floor on our new CAMASr centre
    • lime plastering and limewashing the cob
    • stone walling
    • internal carpentry
    • making a cob fireplace and oven
    • organic gardening and creating access paths


shared lunch provided, bring workwear &

sturdy boots,


all safety clothing supplied as are tea,coffe and biscuits!


Every Tuesday during school term


As of September : Please note that due to current building work on site we are unable to host primary school groups until Autumn 2017

School visits day.

Please contact Dafydd at the office if you would like to arrange for your school to visit the Centre 01758 780280

Workshops themes include: The Celts, Experiential Archaeology, Eco Building, Ecology & Conservation, Organic Gardening & Rural Craft Skills

Activities may include fireside storytelling in the roundhouse,site archaeology, bread making in a clay oven,building a wattle and daub wall or traditional cob wall, thatching and artwork, growing organic veg and herbs and nature studies- we have 23 acres of farmland managed as a nature reserve.


Remember to bring sensible outdoor clothing and footwear .....and waterproofs!



Current Acivities Gallery........ 



               fireside storytelling and music      building the new shower house    constructing a roundhouse roof


           traditional skills apprentiships     volunteering on the oak barn project    framing the next phase of the cruck oak barn

    piza evening in the Celtic Roundhouse at Felin Uchaf Centre, North Wales     Emyr Owen puts leaves over the first layer of earth prior to cob plaster layers 

    pizas in the roundhouse    school performance            clay oven building course               storytelling with children

             cob walling courses at Felin Uchaf Centre                


        stages in building a cob compost tiolet:

     laying the stone foundations      cob/earth walling                     timbering the roof         locally sourced reed thatching



        lime plastering and limewashing the finished cob-earth wall           Mark dancing the cob wall down on the Seed Buiding


         timbering the roof                   cob walling the Seed Building              coppicing hazel poles            stone walling

      volunteer Pablo Pilon casting for mackerel off St Mary's Well, Uwchmynydd, Aberdaron                 Pablo Pilon baking pizas at Felin Uchaf                   

        fishing in the Bardsey Sound                            clay oven baking                                 the grass cutting volunteers....

                                         mackerel for volunteer supper !

                      candle-lit storytelling & music with over 90 people in the earthouse               Urien fishing for supper !  



       volunteers enjoying lunch fresh from the community gardens          making raised beds           laying out the oak frame

     Lisa Pilon and Jo lead the team        Kelp harvesting at Porth Colmon for the oarganic garden raised beds       coppicing and woodland management courses at Felin Uchaf Centre, Wales      

        stacking the oak beams            harvesting seaweed         willow weaving  building the stone walled barn foundations   

    in the cob walled roundhouse                  

          school visit - baking bread         raising the green oak barn                dry stone walling

Recently Awarded Funding:  



Firstly to all our members for your continued vital suport and to everyone who has generously donated towards the project

Awards For All Wales -Dec 2008, £5000 to build a new volunteer workspace


O2 It's Your Community Grant- Feb 2009, £1,000 to wards the building of the new stone, straw bale and turf roofed shelter in the Community Herb Garden

Criminal Justice Intervention Wales & Drug Intervention Programme- May 2009, £82,000 investment toward the repayment of the initial property purchase loans

The Rosa Butler Trust - April 2009, £1,000 Towards the Community Land Initiative

Charitable trust (Anon.)- May 2009, £2000 Towards core funding costs.

Mantell Gwynedd WCVA Gwirfol Youth Led Grant  May 09 £400 toward the purchase of new equipment for a dedicatedyoung people's office space at the Centre

Environment Wales Project Grant June 2009 £4,600 towards new publicity and exhibition matterialsfor a touring exhibition from the end of summer onward

Mantell Gwynedd's Galluogi Gwynedd Grant June 2009 £10,000 towards capital items for the construction of a new oak framed and thatched workspace


Council For the Protection of Rural Wales CPRW Jan 2010  £500 grant award toward meeting the centre's core funding costs

The Ernest Cook Trust Feb 2010 £2,000 to support environmental education programme for young people

Environment Wales(5th year of support) Feb 2010 £5,500 awarded towards Project Manager costs

Cymorth Gwynedd March 2010 , £6,000 towards improving young volunteers' facilities at the centre

Tidy Towns/Keep Wales Tidy, £1200 towards purchasing tools and matterials for new habitat creation and woodland management

Gwynedd Youth Fund- youth resources fund July 2010- £6,000 toward development officer costs

WCVA Engagement Gateway Sheme July 2010 £51,000 over the next 2 years for developing education and training resources for volunteers at the Centre

Llyn AONB Sustaiable Development Fund July 2010- £20,000 over the next 3 years towards volunteer development officer staff costs.

WCVA  Volunteering in Wales Fund , June- £ 23,000 towards voluntreer projetcs officer costs

Anon. Chaitable trust, June - £2,500 , unrestricted funding /donation

Countryside Council for Wales, August - £5,000 , capacity building revenue grant


Comunities First Trust Fund, January 2011 £1,700 - New IT equipment

Countryside Council For Wales, Jan 2011 - contract to make special carved oak gates & benches for Ynys Llanddwyn Nature Reserve worth £7,000

Environment Wales - Feb 2011, pre-project grant, renewable energy sources - wind turbine feasability study in partnership with the West Wales Eco-centre  £4,000

Big Lottery Fund Community Wildlife Fund , May 2011, for running a varied programme of wildlife events and primary schools environmental projects , £7,000

Countryside Council For Wales Access and Interpretation Grant February 2011, for developing access and rural craft skills learning opportunities at the centre , £ 12,000

WCVA GwirVol Opporunities Grant , March 2011, for developing a range of volunteering opporunities for young volunteers at the centre , £9,000

Environment Wales Project Grant, May 2011 , for developing the rural skills training hub - capital items - thatch etc £8,600



Countryside Council For Wales Communities & Nature Grant - July 2012 -£ 100K ( Welsh Office / European Deveolpment Fund) 2012-Sept 2013 for the building of a new Community and Eco-Visitor Centre



Big Fund - Coastal Communities Fund -August 2012 £200K 2 year revenue funding employing 2 staff to develop & deliver a Green and Heritage Tourism Project




WCVA Volunteering in Wales Fund June 2013 - £20K toward meeting volunteer coordinator & volunteering revenue costs




GwirVol -Youth Volunteering Opportunities Grant - April 2014  - £5K towards supporting new volunteering opportunities for young people


Grow Wild - Big Lottery Fund - April 2014 - £5 K toward developing a Wild Forest Garden


Dulverton Trust - May 2014- £5K toward building a Celtic Roundhouse with volunteers


Gwynedd Volunteer Fund - May 2014 - £5 toward upgrading volunteer kitchen facilities at the centre


WCVA Volunteering in Wales Fund June 2014 - £8K toward meeting volunteer coordinator & volunteering revenue costs


Environment Wales Project Grant - August 2014 - £7K towards creating access and interpretation for the new community forest gardens





imagethe roundhouses at Christmas

Building a wattle and daub wall for the Celtic Roundhouse at the Felin Uchaf Centre
wattle and daub

oak trees arive at the Felin Uchaf Centre for the new Cruck Barn workspace

oak for the barn arriving

Sam volunteering on the new clawdd stone wall

 Sam clawdd walling

The Gaffers mens group walling at the Felin Uchaf Centre

the chain gang!

Mixing Biodynamic preparations in the Felin Uchaf Community Garden

biodynamic preparations

Primary scool children lear about rural crafts and thatching

schools on building day

David on the roof framing

moving mountains of earth

Internatinal Volunteers building a stone wall at the Felin Uchaf Centre

United Nations Association

volunteers stone walling

Young volunteers at the Felin Uchaf Centre

young timberwrights

traditional Welsh instruments workshops

Volunteers sharing supperat the Felin Uchaf Centre

shared lunches

Voluntees learning traditional carpentry skills


herb garden group

Building the cob and stone walls of the Seed Building

cob and stone walling

on the Seed Building

TheFelin Uchaf Centre's  Earthhouse interior

the earthouse interior

volunteer stone walling the foundations for the new roundhouse

stone walling course

Mark volunteering on the Celtic Roundhouse at the Felin Uchaf centre

oak carpentry

The third Celtic Roundhouse roof begins to take shape at the Felin Uchaf Centre

celtic roundhouse building

trainee thather on the roundhouse roof

Mark - volunteer thatcher

Cob Plasreing the interior of the roundhouse

Anke cob plastering


Garn Fadryn  Celtic hillfort

Garn Fadryn Hillfort nearby

Storm approaching from over Bardsey Island

view to the west over Enlli

Young Tom- spellbinding storyteller

Plans for the new cruck oak barn- workspace at the Felin Uchaf Centre

the cruck oak barn frame

Traditional clay bread oven

firing the cob oven

cob ridge on the thatched shop

Trainees on the sawmill planking oak for the new barn

trainees milling the oaks for the barn frame

international volunteer work camp

Theo and Jemma volunteering on the wattle and daub wall at the felin uchaf centre

wattle and daub walling

Jenny volunteering on the roundhouse roof carpentry at the Felin Uchaf Centre


Jenny on the roof


exhausted volunteeer... but happy!


thatching course

roofing the new oak framed barn